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Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada​


                                            LOUISE T. WEBBER, PSC,   Artist C/V


 Canadian born International Award Winning Artist Louise T. Webber has created art most of her life, born into an artistic family,   with several years of Art classes,  online Art Courses, and teaching herself new styles and trying new materials, she has grown into an accomplished Artist.    She has won many Art Competitions, awards,  Juried Art shows, and had numerous Solo and Group shows.   She is a published Author of PORTRAITS IN OILS, Tips and Techniques for Inspiring Artists as well as owning and running her own Art Gallery at one time.

Art-Related Professional Experience:    Numerous Solo Art Shows with sales, and numerous group shows with sales.  She wrote and published an art book.   She has won numerous Art Awards and Juried Art Competitions.  She has traveled to Holland and visited the world famous Rijksmuseum, Vincent Van Gogh Museum and Rembrandt Museum and saw such great masterpieces as The Night Watch.  She traveled to Italy and Rome and saw The Sisteen Chapel and the City of Pompeii, as well as to Crete, Greece and visited Knossos Palace, and to Venice, Florence, and Sienna, St. Peters Basilica, Vatican City, Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise, and seen with her  own eyes the works of Leonardo, Jan Van Eyke, Frans Hals, Vermeer, Raphael, Botticelli, Salvadore Dali, John Singer Sargent, Picasso, Cezanne, Renior, Mateise, Michelangelo’s “David”, etc.   She has also been across Canada visiting Art Galleries as well as the USA.


Art exhibitions, Awards, Accomplishments:

Wrote and self published her own art Book “PORTRAITS IN OILS, Tips and Techniques for Inspiring Artists, being carried by Coles Book Store Grande Prairie.   Her art is displayed on Face Book, Portrait Society of Canada website, Twitter, ArtPal online website, Artist in Canada online website, Saatchi online Gallery, her artist website at, Portrait Society of Canada website,  and her own artist Blog as well as Pinterest. 

Winner of the prestigious Miracle of the Portrait Trophy for Best Portrait for 2018 all across Canada from Portrait Society of Canada.  Winner of Honorable Mention  in  February 2017 in ARTIST PORTFOLIO MAGAZINE  in International call for LANDSCAPE ART online JURIED COMPETITION.  January 2017 Juried in member of PORTRAIT SOCIETY OF CANADA.  

Finalist winner of Annual Juried Active Members Show 2017 for Federation of Canadian Artists.

Painting published in Hardcover Art Book INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MASTERS X1 2017, by World Wide Art Books Publishing.  Published six page spread "Master Pastelist Shares her techniques" in ArtAscent International Art Magazine 2017.   Group Christmas Art Show and Sale 2016 for Art of the Peace Fine Art Group, members show.  Artwork published with article written on her as well as two page spread of her artwork with instruction in her Pastel Technique in Fall issue of ART OF THE PEACE MAGAZINE December 2016.  Artwork published in hardcover art book CURRENT MASTERS 11, 2016, by WORLD WIDE ART BOOKS PUBLISHING.   Solo Portrait Art Show 2016 at Centre for Creative Arts, Alberta.  2016 Portrait Society of Canada Juried Annual Miracle of the Portrait Competition Finalist Winner.  2016 Juried finalist winner Federation of Canadian Artists POSTCARD COMPETITION.  2016 Juried winner Distinguished Artist Award for GREEN Theme, International ARTASCENT MAGAZINE.   International Art Award winner - Red Brush Award from Las Vegas International Juried Art Show 2016.   Artwork published in DIRECT ART MAGAZINE 2012.   

Won Honorable Mention in ART IMPRESSIONS MAGAZINE CANADIAN AMATEUR ARTS AWARDS 1997-98 Edition for GREEK FISHERMAN painting, and photo and name published in magazine.  Won BEST OF THE SHOW, First and Second place Awards at Art Exhibition, Barrington, Nova Scotia, 1998.   Won First and Second place Trophy and awards at Art Exhibition, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia 1997.   Won First, Second and Third place Trophy and awards as well as BEST OF THE SHOW Award at Art Exhibition, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia 1996.    Won First, Second and Third place Trophy and awards at Art Exhibition, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia 1995.    Presented with  The TEDDY LOHNES TROPHY for Best Artist in High School, 1977.  

Her work has been  Shown at Paula MacDonald Gallery Group Show and Sale, Chester Nova Scotia;   Capt’n Evans Wharf Gallery Solo Art Show and Sale, Chester, Nova Scotia;  Chester Train Station Solo Art Show and Sale;  The Sandspit Gallery Group Show and Sale, Shelburne, Nova Scotia;   Fiasco Art Store, Chester Nova Scotia;   Lunenburg Art  Show and Sale group show, winner of Juried Competition, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia,   Juried winner of Canadian Portrait Academy Annual group show in London Ontario;   Juried winner of spot in Junction Arts Festival, Toronto Ontario with own booth and sold numerous paintings;   Juried winner and displayed artwork in Corridor Gallery  Solo Art Show, Halifax, Nova Scotia;  Juried winner of membership for Active status to Federation of Canadian Artists;  several newspaper articles;  and owner-operator of own Art Gallery, selling other artists works as well as hers;  designed a logo crest for the jackets at Alberta Health Services Grande Prairie QE 11  local hospital special unit;  completed and sold numerous commissioned pieces.   

                                                                          Artist Statement


I can spend many hours in my studio, lost in my painting or sketches as they take on a life of their own, working through composition and lighting challenges.  My heart races and I hold my breath as I work through the subtle skin tone changes of my portraits, my excitement builds as I work the paints together to create skin tones of blues, greens, yellow and pinks, reds, etc.  Sometimes I enter my studio and putter around, walking by my blank canvas or sheet of artist paper,,not knowing what I will be painting or sketching next, not knowing which medium I will choose or should I say , which medium will choose me, speak to me, beckon me to pick it up and feel it's texture between my fingers, smell its oil bases and fine grinds, begging to be transformed from a tube of paint or a Cont'e stick or vine charcoal , or a silky soft pastel stick,  to a portrait that comes alive on the canvas or paper.  The anticipation is addictive and exhilarating.  I love trying new mediums and experimenting with various techniques to create beautiful pieces, capturing a moment in time.  I use different styles depending on my mood, at times working with very tight controlled lines and other times working very loose, taking chances and seeing what happens.  I usually have a connection with my subject in some way.  Taking trips to Art Galleries and Museums around the world and studying the Old Masters works up close and in person has been my greatest inspiration and teacher.